An Afternoon in Beantown (Boston, Mass)

So it’s no secret I love a good adventure – and it’s no secret I love Boston. So with “Beantown” a little over an hour away from where I live in CT, my friend and I decided to take a trip to Boston.

The weather was perfect – sunny but with a crisp breeze. After arriving to the city, first stop: Cheers for lunch and of course, beers.


You know, Cheers, “where everybody knows your name.”


The original Boston pub inspired the setting of the hit tv show “Cheers.”


We lunched on the Fenway Special – chili dogs and Sam Adams Boston Brick Red beers (it only seemed appropriate). By the way, Sam Adams is based in Mass – need to do that tour one day for sure!


Next stop, a walk around the city’s urban park – Boston’s Public Gardens – including a quick stop at the bench from Good Will Hunting:


One thing I love about Boston more than anything is the beautiful architecture.


Boston Public Library: Founded in 1848, the BPL was the first large free municipal library in the United States.


Love the stone and iron detail of the library’s main entrance.

A stroll through Newbury Street with plenty of window shopping!


And a Georgetown Cupcake. Yum!



My friend was in heaven – she loves DC, so to her, this was a little (delicious) piece of home.

And we topped off the day with a ride around the town on this bike cart thing. So hilarious – but so worth it!


This dude was our “driver/tour guide.”


Also, here’s a fun fact, the building in the photo above with the American Flag is the Old State House…The Old State House was the center of all political life and debate in colonial Boston. On July 18, 1776, citizens gathered in the street to hear the Declaration of Independence read from the building’s balcony, the first public reading in Massachusetts. Pretty cool!


Also, speaking of history, if you’re in Boston, be sure to checkout the Freedom Trail – totally worth it! My friend and I did a handful of the stops, including Paul Revere home and the Old North Church (think “one if by land, two if  by sea”). Also reminds me of this hilarious SportsCenter spot.


Loved the beautiful interior of the Old North Church as well. The pews were very different – they were esentally little cubbies where families would huddle together to stay warm. Very cool.


Overall a great day in one of my favorite New England cities!


Looking forward to more adventures and trips to Boston!


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