To Thrift, or Not to Thrift?

photophoto1Not to thrift… I’ll admit it. I don’t. Never really have. Not because I don’t like to – I’ve just never really had much luck when I have gone. And let me point out, when I refer to “thrift” I mean an actual thrift store like the Goodwill. (Not consignment shops).

I read several blogs – including my friend Carrie’s, that focuses a lot on great fashion finds for less, often times at thrift stores. (Check out her blog, great outfit ideas). When I look for bargains, I’m usually the one standing in line at Macy’s with 16 different coupons asking the cashier to ring up each coupon separately to see which deal is best. Yep. I’m that girl. Sorry I’m not sorry.

One thing I have noticed about being on the East Coast is there are some great high-end consignment shops. I recently checked out one in Glastonbury (an adorable, little New England town about 10 minutes from downtown Hartford). The shop didn’t have a wide selection of what I was looking for – but they did have really nice designer brand items.

I did grab this Ralph Lauren seal jacket. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time – I think they are so classic. I got this one for $12, new with tags, never been worn! They have similar ones at for almost $400. Looking forward to wearing it soon with a pair of my boyfriend jeans, a white collared shirt and a my gold smoker shoes. I also have some red pants it might look cute with! I’m a huge sucker for the preppy look.

The ladies who sold me the jacket were so cute. Their combined age was around 207. They went on and on about the beautiful brass buttons. Once I knew I had their seal of approval – I knew I had made a good buy.


5 thoughts on “To Thrift, or Not to Thrift?

  1. When I saw the title of the post I was very excited because I love thrifting . I haven’t gone in a while and I am itching to go. I am so envious of you living so close to NYC and they have the best thrifting ever! You got an awesome jacket – great find and bargain. Those cute little ladies were right I love the buttons, it’s the small details that add character. Thanks for the shout out.

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